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Top 5 Ways How to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are a time to not only to enjoy the festivities but also to maximize the fun hence it is imperative that you know how to keep your home safe during the holidays.

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your home safe this holiday season.

The reason for being extra vigilant this time of the year is that statistics have shown burglaries increase during the holidays.

This is because thieves know that there a lot of valuable things they can steal therefore it is wise to have extra precaution at this time of the year by learning how to keep your home safe.

Since the holidays are just around the corner, this article listing down five ways for you to learn how to keep your home safe during the holidays will help you keep the cheer and merriment even while you are away.

Home Safety1. Preventing Burglaries

Lock Up – There is nothing more inviting than an open doorway, garage door, or windows therefore don’t forget to lock up all door and windows before leaving the house even if you’re away for just a few minutes. To those who are going on a trip for the holidays, check that the locks of your house are good condition. Use deadbolt locks because they are more secure and is hard to manipulate by any person from the outside of your house.

Keep your car door locked at all times and don’t leave valuable items you’ve just bought inside your car especially if you’re parking on the driveway.

Mails and Packages – Mail and packages that get piled up on your front porch or doorstep is a sure indicator to thieves that you are away from home. If you plan to take a trip for the holidays, arrange that a trusted neighbor pick up your mail and packages or have those deliveries be sent to them instead while you’re away.

2. Preventing Fires

Holidays are synonymous to décor learn how to keep your home safe by using only those décor that are made from flame retardant and flame resistant materials. Indoor decorations can become fire hazards if you use them outside.

Before putting up your Christmas tree, you must first inspect the wires for gaps in the insulation or frayed wires and never place your Christmas tree near heat sources such as ashtrays, fireplaces, and candles.

3. Preventing Food Poisoning

Be aware that food does spoil so don’t keep them out for an extended periods of time to prevent food poisoning. When you’re unsure of the expiration date, don’t risk other person’s health. If in doubt throw it out.

4. Child Proof Your Home

During the holidays many of us have other families over who might be bringing children to have fun with your own kids as such it is a must that your home is child-friendly. The problem with kids is that you easily lose sight of them when you get into an animated conversation with your friends. When that happens a happy day could easily turn into the worst part of your life.

To prevent this, look around your house for choking hazards (such as hard candy, Christmas décor, and coins) and keep those out of harm’s way. If you’re drinking, don’t leave your glasses where children can easily reach them. Lastly keep your children out of the kitchen as they may get their fingers burned, get electrocuted, spill food, or get hold of kitchen utensils that are dangerous to kids.

5. Use Technology Aids

For extra precaution, use technologies that offer security for homes. For instance you can have cameras installed in your home to prevent burglaries. Cameras these days are more affordable besides peace of mind while you away is priceless therefore invest in a hidden camera for your home.

You can also have motion sensors installed at your home perimeter and display a sign that says your home is protected by such an alarm system.

The last in our list of tips on how to keep your home safe is a product, which will help you secure your home, the barking dog alarms. These are alarms that automatically begin barking like an angry dog as soon as its sensor detects movement outside of the house.

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